Sopran-Saxophon Paul Mauriat System 76 2nd Edition Goldlack


  • Custom Class
  • Messingkorpus
  • Hoch-Fis-Klappe
  • 2 S-Bögen, gerade und gebogen
  • Weite Mensur
  • Handgravur
  • Drückereinlagen aus Echt-Abalone
  • Protec-Bag

 Das sagt Mauriat über dieses Saxophon:

The System-76 soprano has a warm tone with a very centered core. It comes in either vintage dark lacquer or the classic gold lacquer finish. Each lacquer lends a different color to the sound.

The dark lacquer finish has warmer subtleties compared to the slightly more brilliant gold lacquer. Both, however, allow the player to deliver the highest performance possible due to System-76’s superior craftsmanship.

The System-76 soprano is available in either one-piece (straight neck only) or two-piece body (each with both straight and bent neck) design.


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